The Drive California (DriveCA) coalition is a statewide coalition of immigrants’ rights advocates, community-based organizations, service providers, faith-based organizations and workers’ rights advocates. The coalition is committed to successful implementation of AB 60 and drivers’ licenses for all. We are actively engaged in ensuring that the process for obtaining an AB 60 driver’s license is accessible and inclusive, and we will work with partners across the state to help Californians eligible for AB 60 licenses get the information and support they need in order to succeed.

Our Mission

Drive CA is a statewide coalition comprised of a broad range of immigrants’ rights, faith-based, service and civil rights organizations working to ensure the successful implementation of California’s landmark driver’s license program for immigrants.

Our Coalition

Get Involved!

Are you interested in educating your community about AB 60 driver's licenses? Your voice matters! To get involved, contact us at driverslicense@caimmigrant.org and join the Drive CA Coalition.