AB 60 Implementation Updates

While over 300,000 Californians have successfully obtained AB 60 licenses to date, the feedback that our organizations have received from community members raises critical concerns about the accessibility of AB 60 licenses, particularly for African, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities in California. We believe that the barriers and concerns articulated in our letter below represent a discriminatory impact in the implementation of AB 60 in California. We continue to work to ensure that AB 60 licenses are truly accessible for ALL Californians!

AB 60 Legislative Background

In 2013, the AB 60 the Safe and Responsible Driver's Act was signed and became effective in 2015. Immigrants and their allies spent two decades organizing to restore access to driver’s licenses for all Californians. Under this historic law, up to 1.4 million Californians are expected to apply over the next three years and become licensed, tested, and insured drivers – benefiting all Californians.

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